Friday, 5 December 2014

Mrs Jesus According to New Christmas Tale

Carlo Crivelli (circa 1435–circa 1495): Mary Magdalene. Image courtesy of Wikipedia (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).

Joel Kontinen

At Christmas and Easter time we usually almost always see headlines about amazing new Bible discoveries that attempt to re-write history.

This time, filmmaker and amateur archaeologist Simcha Jacobovici teamed up with York University religious studies Professor Barrie Wilson to disclose new "facts" about Mrs Jesus.

Jacobovici is known for his involvement in past controversies, such as the discovery of Jesus’ tomb nails, Jesus’ tomb and the family tomb of Jesus.

Readers of Dan Brown’s fiction would guess that the lady is Mary Magdalene. Jacobovici, who is not afraid of controversy (and obviously welcomes the attention and remuneration it brings), claims that she was "not just Mrs. Jesus. She's a co-deity, a co-Redeemer."

How did he come up with this bizarre view?

He found an ancient manuscript in the British Library. The text was written almost 500 years after the New Testament gospels. An article in Huffington Post has more details:

“The ‘The Lost Gospel’ is built around a new interpretation of an ancient text, ‘The Story of Joseph and Aseneth.’ Jacobovici and Wilson studied a 1,500-year-old Syriac-language version of the story in the London library.

Most religious scholars think the text explains why the Hebrew patriarch Joseph came to marry a gentile, but Wilson and Jacobovici say it is a coded tale that actually relates the story of Jesus, his wife and their children.

It is no surprise that most experts are not at all convinced.

Neither am I.


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