Saturday, 6 December 2014

Evolutionary Logic Is Like Chasing Tails, Scientist Says

Image courtesy of John Storr, Wikipedia. Evolutionary logic is even more complicated, as in it the lion would chase its own tail.

Joel Kontinen

Zoologist Ann Gauger has for instance tested how enzymes are supposed to evolve, but she has noticed that they cannot.

In an article discussing enzyme evolution, doctor Gauger says: “If you start with the assumption that evolution is true, and view all evidence through those glasses, you won't even notice that your argument chases its tail.”

Looks like circular reasoning.

She says that since scientists agree that modern enzymes can't evolve genuinely new functions, they have to believe that things must have worked in different ways in the past. But that is an assumption that science cannot verify.

In other words, fact-free Darwinian storytelling does not merit being called science.


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