Sunday, 14 December 2014

Big Dino-Age Mammal “Rewrites Early Mammalian History"

The animal probably looked like a modern groundhog (pictured above). Image courtesy of April King, Wikipedia (GNU Free Documentation License).

Joel Kontinen

According to Darwinian dogma, big mammals were not supposed to live during the heyday of the dinosaurs. However, research has shown that this is false.

Recently, scientists “unearthed in Madagascar the fossil of a remarkable creature resembling a big groundhog that lived about 66 million years ago and, at about 20 pounds (9 kg), was enormous compared to most other mammals of the Mesozoic Era.”

The researchers dubbed the animal Vintana sertichi. The first part of the name means luck in the Malagasy language.

However, when it comes to orthodox Darwinism, the find was not such as stroke of luck as they would believe as it shows that once again, their theory was wrong.


Dunham, Will. 2014. Ancient critter from Madagascar rewrites early mammalian history. Reuters (5 November).