Sunday, 5 January 2014

Early Man Was Clever, Monuments Suggest

Stonehenge. Image courtesy of Wikipedia. (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license).

Joel Kontinen

Early men were not simpletons. They were able to build pyramids and other huge monuments on several continents. A recent article in Science looks at Stonehenge that is assumed to be a centre for celebrating rituals related to life and death.

Evolutionists tend to be surprised every time archaeologists discover a hitherto hidden aspect of the prowess of what they call prehistoric man, because it usually conflicts with what they assume.

Their Darwinian perspective has led them to think that in the early days people had to be primitive.

However, the facts show that the Genesis model of early man is right and the evolution model wrong. The early chapters of the Bible indicate that already at the dawn of history, humans were able to smelt and refine metals (Genesis 4:22), just a few generations after creation.


Balter, Michael. 2014. Life and Death at Stonehenge. Science 343 (6166): 20-21.