Tuesday, 7 January 2014

“2013 Was a Terrible Year for Evolution,” Evolutionist Laments

Physicist Karl Giberson laments the fate of evolution. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

Evolutionists are not happy. Physicist Karl Giberson, who attempts to do the impossible, i.e., to make Christianity compatible with evolution, acknowledges:

Evolution did not fare well in 2013. The year ended with the anti-evolution book Darwin’s Doubt as Amazon’s top seller in the ‘Paleontology’ category. The state of Texas spent much of the year trying to keep the country’s most respected high school biology text out of its public schools. And leading anti-evolutionist and Creation Museum curator Ken Ham made his annual announcement that the ‘final nail’ had been pounded into the coffin of poor Darwin’s beleaguered theory of evolution.”

Dr. Giberson managed to include several mistakes in that paragraph. Darwin’s Doubt is not primarily an anti-evolution book. It looks at the Cambrian Explosion and concludes that the evidence does not point to Darwinism. Giberson likewise grossly misrepresents Ken Ham, who, by the way, is the CEO of Answers in Genesis, and he gives a very biased view of the episode in Texas.

But, yes, Giberson is right in saying that 2013 was a terrible year for evolution. But it was terrible because the theory – if one could call it that – is not backed by evidence but by storytelling.

In recent years, Giberson has made some bizarre statements. He has claimed that a traditional understanding of Genesis amounts to robbing Genesis. He has also said that Jesus would believe in evolution.


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