Tuesday, 30 April 2013

“Birds Can Thank Dinosaurs for Their Gait”

Should birds thank dinosaurs? Some obviously think that they should.

Joel Kontinen

Old Darwinian views do not die easily. Recently, a British palaeontologist brought up the old belief that birds are the descendants of dinosaurs. This view is problematic in many ways. Lack of evidence is not the only criterion that speaks against it.

Anyhow, here is Mike Walley’s version of what birds can thank dinosaurs for:

The bipedal birds with their crouching gait have the dinosaurs to thank for their posture. The birds, descendants from a group of Theropod dinosaurs, have a very different solution to standing on just two legs than our species H. sapiens.”

Science needs more than just slogans. The fossil record that Darwinists rely on actually suggests that birds co-existed with dinosaurs. Researchers assume that some of the “earliest” birds actually lived earlier than the dinosaurs they were supposed to have evolved from, so the entire dino-to-bird scenario is suspect.

Turning scales into feathers is also a problem that blind Darwinian mechanisms might not have solved. This kind of change would actually need a miracle and evolution does not have a miracle-maker.

If we examined the evidence critically, we would notice that the dino-to-bird hypothesis is not credible at all.


Walley, Mike. 2013. Birds Have the Dinosauria to Thank for Their "Crouching Gait". Ezine articles.