Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Unmasking Fables, Promoting Truth, Upcoming Creation Ministries Conference in the UK

CMI’s upcoming conference seeks to unmask fables and promote truth.

Joel Kontinen

The Apostle Paul warned of the danger of believing in fables. However, that is exactly what many people, including Christians, do.

According to a very popular fable, the Bible cannot be trusted because naturalistic/materialistic science gives us all necessary answers to the big questions. To counter this not-very-intelligent claim, Creation Ministries International is hosting a one-day conference in Chessington, Surrey, near London, UK (the same venue as last year’s conference).

Creation Ministries International has held several interesting conferences in recent years. The coming weekend, the UK-Europe branch of the ministry is hosting a one-day conference entitled Unmasking Fables, Promoting Truth.

Last May, CMI’s one-day conference in Chessington, Surrey, UK, attracted 330 people . The programme was great.

This time, the speakers include Arthur Francis Green, Chairman of Foundation for Christian Education (UK), Dominic Statham, speaker and writer with CMI-UK/Europe, Dr Don Batten, senior scientist and speaker with CMI-Australia and Paul James-Griffiths of Edinburgh City Mission.