Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dishonest reporting: When the media made a Jew into a Palestinian

Joel Kontinen

The media have often failed to report Near East news honestly. Ten years ago, (30 September 2000) the New York Times and several other papers published a photo in which an Israeli policeman was depicted as about to strike a wounded and bleeding Palestinian boy with his baton at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The second intifada had just begun.

The caption turns the facts upside down. The ”Palestinian boy” in the photo was actually an American Jew, a student from Chicago. The Palestinians were chasing after him, trying to kill him. The ”cruel” policeman was protecting the Jewish boy who was running for his life.

Recently, Tuvia Grossman (the Jewish boy in the photo) met the policeman who saved his life.

Unfortunately, time and again, the western media misrepresent the events in the Near East. (Read more here and here.)