Saturday, 5 June 2010

A bizarre peace convoy

Joel Kontinen

When peace activists stock their ship with metal tubes, grenades, smoke bombs, knives and slingshots and then use them against Israeli soldiers, we might perhaps be justified in asking whether peace is very high on their agenda.

The Israeli commandos who landed on the ships from overflying helicopters were only armed with riot gear. The peace activists who had set out to break the Gaza blockade began to hit the soldiers with metal tubes and would probably have killed several of them if the Israelis had not fired at them in self-defence.

For Hamas and their allies the word ”peace” seems to be a catchword with a meaning akin to that what George Orwell used in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

It seems that the sole purpose of the convoy was to gain sympathy from the West.

The Palestinians have a long history of using the western media to further their aims.

And they have rarely been reluctant to be in the news. Since orchestrating a massacre of Israeli sportsmen during the 1972 Olympics in Munich they have been busy hijacking airplanes and ships and aiming their missiles at Israeli kindergartens.

The following video clips reveal more about the intentions of the ”peace activists”.