Saturday, 24 July 2010

What did an ancient spider trapped in amber look like? Like a spider, of course

Spiders have hardly bothered to change. Image courtesy of

Joel Kontinen

Insects trapped in amber do not support Darwinian evolution. Usually the fossils, which are assumed to be tens of millions of years old, are practically copies of the same animals we see today.

Recently, published an article on David Penney, an expert on fossilised spiders at the University of Manchester, who travels around the world examining fossilised insects.

Insects trapped in amber show what animals used to look like aeons ago. Doctor Penney’s specimens would hardly have caused Charles Darwin to leap for joy. On the contrary, they might have caused him to pull out his hair in agony since fossilised insects do not support his theory at all.

However, they support the Genesis model nicely.


Your chance to live forever in spider form. 21 July 2010.