Saturday, 26 June 2010

Fig wasps have resisted evolution for ”34 million years”

Wasps have hardly bothered to change. Image courtesy of Holger Gröschl, Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

The past few days have been interesting. First, research indicated that pelicans have not changed for ”30 million” years. Next came a study showing that mammalian hairs have remained unchanged for ”100 million” years. Finally, we heard of a study on fig wasps that have not bothered to change for ”34 million” years.

Steve Compton at the University of Leeds and colleagues published a paper in Biology Letters on three well-preserved fig wasps. They were already found in the 1920s but were initially misinterpreted.

Doctor Compton is amazed that the wasps that live in symbiosis with figs have hardly changed in ”34 million” years.

Reminds me of Genesis.


World's Oldest Fig Wasp Fossil Proves That If It Works, Don't Change It. ScienceDaily 16 June 2010.