Sunday, 10 May 2009

Michael Dowd: The Best Evolution Sites Are Wikipedia and Talk Origins

Reverend Michael Dowd collected the best webpages that defend the ideas of ol’ Charles. Image from Wikipedia, ranked as the top site by Dowd.

Joel Kontinen

Michael Dowd’s e-magazine The Evolutionary Times dropped into my mailbox during the weekend. As usual, the May issue was full of praise to evolution.

Reverend Dowd discloses that he got the idea for a short article entitled Evolution as Meaningful, Inspiring Fact after hearing an evolution skeptic voice doubts about the evidences for evolution in a radio programme.

Thus, Rev. Dowd decided to write an article that would list the best resources on inspiring evidences for evolution.

He concluded that the best evolution defending websites were Wikipedia and Talk Origins.

Both sites are known for their evolutionary propaganda. Rev. Dowd has probably not heard that at least one U.K. university will drop the grades of students caught in using Wikipedia as a source in their written assignments. (Wikipedia is admittedly a reasonable source of images depicting Charles Darwin, but that is an entirely different story.) Talk Origins is known for not letting facts stand in the way of defending evolution.

According to Rev. Dowd, cosmic complexity can be spiritually nourishing and deeply empowering. It seems likely that he will not let the facts spoil a good theory anytime soon.


Dowd, Michael. 2009. Evolution as Meaningful, Inspiring Fact. The Evolutionary Times (May).