Wednesday, 17 October 2018

New Evolution Story: Plants Cannot Talk, They Depend on Animas to Eat Their Fruit

Image courtesy of C.J Trew, Public Domain.

Joel Kontinen

Plants evolved scents and colours to say eat me to lemurs and primates. They cannot talk, so they depend on non-verbal signals to reach these animals.

Recent research has shown that certain plants have evolved ways to talk to animals. Researchers have found that “ripe figs emit potent scents”, Other fruits have evolved vibrant red and orange fruits that are easier for primates and birds to watch, the same team reported in Biology Letters.

That is something that plants cannot do. Natural selection can’t cause this.

Sometimes, Darwinism can be futile: We have four legs, as we have have a belly.


Schembri, Frankie. 2018. Plants evolved scents, colors to say ‘eat me’ to lemurs, primates. Science (10 October).