Friday, 12 May 2017

A Global Flood at the Wrong Time

Noah’s Flood was global.

Joel Kontinen

Secular scientists have tended to ignore Noah’s global flood, substituting it with a local inundation in either the Black Sea area or the Tigris-Euphrates region in Mesopotamia.

Now, however, a paper published in the journal Geology attempts to associate a major flood with the aftermath of an extreme ice age.

According to naturalistic thinking, the Sun was far less bright in its youth than it is now. The faint young Sun paradox was supposed to make Earth almost completely frozen, an epoch known as snowball Earth.

For some mysterious reasons, Earth did not freeze to death.

Now, researchers are proposing that the ice melted fast, forming a freshwater ocean 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) deep. They think that volcanic eruptions caused “a runaway greenhouse effect,” as New Scientist puts it.

Based on mathematical models, their global flood occurred over “600 million years” ago.

The real flood destroyed the entire primeval world some 4,500 years ago. Only eight people and representatives of all animal kinds survived the devastating flood.


Owens, Brian. 2017. Snowball Earth melting led to freshwater ocean 2 kilometres deep. New Scientist (10 May).