Friday, 14 October 2016

The Naturalist's Dilemma: How to Get Life from Non-Life

Image courtesy of Hiroshi Sugimoto, TIME.

Joel Kontinen

”A hurricane is a self-organising, self-propagating system with a life cycle. It's born, it grows, it eats, and then it dies. Why isn't it alive?”

This is how NASA planetary scientist Chris McKay summarises the difficulties involved in the (naturalistic) origen of life scenarios.

The answer origin-of-life theorists will give is that the hurricane does not remember what it has done and where it is going.

Getting life from non-life is an enormous hurdle for naturalista /materialists. While hurricanes might and will happen, life just doesn't happen.

What life needs is a massive influx of genetic information that is programmed to give rise to life.


Kluger, Jeffrey. 2016. The perfectly Sane Case for Life in Space. Time Europe 22/29.2., 76 –79.