Monday, 9 May 2016

Weird Deep-Sea Jellyfish Affirms Genesis After Its Kind Principle

Stunningly beautiful jellyfish.” Image courtesy of NOAA.

Joel Kontinen

We see beauty in the most unexpected places, from huge nebulae to tiny spiders. We see it in flowers, and even in ourselves.

And we shouldn’t forget the deep seas. Recently, NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer vessel has been examining the Marianas Trench, using an unmanned submarine for photography.

A few weeks ago researchers were able to see a “stunningly beautiful jellyfish” at a depth of some 3,700 metres (12,000 feet).

While the creature is weird, it is definitively a jellyfish and not an alien. It confirms the after its kind principle introduced in the Book of Genesis.

If it were a Darwinian world, we would hardly expect to see such beauty so deep below the surface, as it does not have any survival value.


Okeanos Explorer. 2016. NOAA.