Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Evidence for Noah’s Flood: Turtle Fossils in the Andes

We wouldn’t expect to find aquatic animals in the Andes, but we do. Image courtesy of NASA Earth Observatory, public domain.

Joel Kontinen

Researchers at the Case Western Reserve University reported finding the fossil of an almost 1,5 metre (5 feet) long tortoise in the Andes Mountains of southern Bolivia.

They found it on an arid plateau with no traces of water. Nevertheless, they assume that “13 million years ago” the place was much wetter.

Reporting on the find, ScienceDaily states:

Fossilized shell pieces of a much smaller, aquatic turtle found nearby support the altitude estimate and also indicate the climate was much wetter than today.”

Cold-blooded aquatic animals cannot live high in the mountains.

The discovery fits in nicely into the Genesis perspective. Like a fossilised tropic forest in Norway, whales found on dry land and dinos in the Arctic, they show that at the time of the Flood, the world looked very different from what it does today.


Case Western Reserve University. 2015. Reptile fossils offer clues about elevation history of Andes Mountains: Tortois, turtle remains also provide record of climate change. ScienceDaily. (29 December).