Sunday, 15 July 2012

Smithsonian Uses Creation Museum Dino in Its Brochure

Joel Kontinen

The dinosaur models at the Creation Museum in Kentucky are so good that the Smithsonian is using a picture of one of them in its brochure.

Located in Washington D.C., the Smithsonian Institution is a complex consisting of 19 museums, a zoo and a research institute funded by the U.S. federal government.

Many people would associate the Smithsonian with a belief in millions of years of Darwinian evolution. So the use of a Creation Museum dino is somewhat of a surprise.

Dan Lietha, a staff artist at Answers in Genesis, thinks that a photographer must have taken the photo at the Creation Museum and submitted it to a stock photo website that sold it to the Smithsonian.

There’s no doubt the Creation Museum’s sculptors/designers do great work and at a highly professional and scientific level! And people are noticing,” Answers in Genesis CEO Ken Ham writes in his blog.

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