Saturday, 3 December 2011

85 Years Ago: Jungle Doctor Accepted Christ as Saviour

Paul White (1910-1992) wrote 19 Jungle Doctor books. He accepted Christ as Saviour on 3rd December 1926.

Joel Kontinen

85 years ago an Australian teenager made a decision to follow Christ. Little did he know then that he would go to Tanganyika (as Tanzania was then called) as a medical missionary and become world-famous with his Jungle Doctor books.

I read most of the books (all I could get my hands on) and very much enjoyed them when I was a teenager growing up in neighbouring Kenya several decades after they were written.

While the East Africa that Paul White writes about in the Jungle Doctor books has changed in many respects, they convey the message of the gospel’s changing power in a very witty and fascinating manner.


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