Sunday, 2 January 2011

A Flood ”of Biblical Proportions” in Australia

Joel Kontinen

In recent years the media have reported on an assumed flood of ”biblical proportions” on Mars although there is no evidence of liquid water on the red planet.

Recently, the media used the same expression to describe flooding in north east Australia. It is the worst watery disaster there in 90 years. The floods are probably caused by the La Niña phenomenon that has brought warmth and humidity to the Australian coast.

Heavy rains and the flooding of Fitzroy River and other rivers have driven many people from their homes. However, at the moment only one person has been reported dead. Nonetheless, Queensland State Treasurer Andrew Fraser said the flooding was a "disaster of biblical proportions".

The flooding might be a big catastrophe for Queensland, but compared to the flood of Noah’s day, it is a minor deluge. The year-long global flood destroyed all land-based life and radically changed Earth’s topography.


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