Saturday, 19 June 2010

An ocean on Mars – but not enough water for Noah on Earth?

A new study claims that over a third of Mars was covered with water in the old days. Image courtesy of NASA.

Joel Kontinen

In the good old days oceans could cover a third of Mars, claims a new study published in Nature Geoscience.

Gaetano Di Achille and Brian Hynek at the University of Colorado in Boulder examined the assumed deltas and river valleys on Mars and suggested that in its youth the red planet was probably not as red as it is now.

There are no direct evidences of liquid water on Mars but since according to the naturalistic view of origins Earth cannot be a special planet, scientists who believe in billions of years are trying to figure out why there is so much water on Earth but none at all on Mars.

Usually, the very same scientists categorically deny the possibility that the flood of Noah’s day was a global catastrophe. They are willing to accept a global flood – but only on Mars.

Such a cataclysm would be too frightening on Earth.


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