Monday, 13 April 2009

Oldest Stone Tool Found

We already knew that the Neanderthals were no simpletons. They obviously loved music.

Joel Kontinen

Paleoanthropologists have discovered stone blades in the Lake Baringo area in Kenya. They are estimated to be over half a million years old or 150 000 years older than the oldest stone tools previously found.

In a report published by ScienceNOW Daily News, Ann Gibbons states that researchers did not believe that man was capable of making sophisticated tools so early in his history.

Paleoanthropologists Cara Roure Johnson and Sally McBrearty of the University of Connecticut, Storrs found the stone tools in five different sites in the Baringo area.

Once again, a new find suggests that we ought to bury the old idea of primitive apelike stone age men. Several other recent discoveries also support the view that early men were no simpletons. They were surprisingly clever – just like Genesis tells us.

The myth of millions of years will also have to go.


Gibbons, Ann. 2009. Oldest Stone Blades Uncovered. ScienceNOW Daily News (2 April).