Saturday, 4 April 2009

Episcopals Reject Muslim Priest

The first sura of the Qur’an by Hattat Aziz Efendi (1871-1934). Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

Episcopal priest Ann Holmes Redding is to be defrocked since she insists she is both a Christian and a Muslim. She does not see any discrepancy in her stance, however.

Rhode Island bishop Geralyn Wolf informed Redding of the decision on Wednesday.

In June 2007 the diocese learnt that Redding had become a Muslim. It removed her from office for a year. Redding, who has been a priest for 25 years, was reluctant to give up Islam and continues to insist that she is a Christian and a Muslim.

It is a difficult equation, however:

According to Islam, God is one and He cannot have a son. Muslims honour Jesus as a holy prophet who performed miracles but they do not believe that He died not a cross. They suppose that God provided a substitute and took Jesus alive to heaven.

Christianity teaches clearly that Jesus Christ, Son of the Triune God, is the only way to God the Father. And Muslims do not see Allah as a father.

The Episcopal Church has also had other strange priests who have been reluctant to honour Scripture. Bishop John Shelby Spong of Jesus Seminar fame rejects the resurrection of Christ but has been allowed to continue in office. In addition, the case of the openly homosexual bishop V. Gene Robinson practically tore the church in two.


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