Monday, 17 June 2019

Japanese Scientist Cannot Explain the Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci sequence is seen almost everywhere.

Joel Kontinen

The evolution news has explained the pattering of leaves and flowers. It is called phyllotaxis, and many of them obey the Fibonacci sequence, that we as humans find pleasing.

How does a plant without eyes or a brain achieve such beauty and precision, orienting leaves according to the Golden Angle Phi (137.5 degrees)? Simpler patterns include opposite (leaves on opposite sides of the stem), alternate (leaves alternating at 90-degree angles), whorled (arranged around a cross-sectional circle), and others.

Japanese scientists at the University of Tokyo recently improved the leading mathematical model, but the model does cannot explain the Fibonacci sequence.

So it seems that the Fibonacci sequence is one of the things that God has made, and it is very beautiful for us.

In spite of the bad things happening around us (executions, shipwrecks and earthquakes, to name a few) that are evidence of the Fall, there is no shortage of beauty in our world.

And the best explanation for it is that the Lord God made it all.


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