Saturday, 20 June 2015

Filefish – Camouflage Artist Vanishes in Two Seconds

Filefish (Monacanthidae) come in many shapes and sizes. Aluterus scriptus. Image courtesy of Paige Gill, U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Joel Kontinen

The slender filefish (Monacanthus tuckeri) is an interesting creature. It can vanish from sight in two seconds. New Scientist reports:

Now you see it. Now you don't. The slender filefish has a way to stay off the seafood menu – it has evolved the ability to become almost invisible. The fish can camouflage its body patterns and shape to match its marine surroundings in seconds.”

Despite the evolutionese attached to the report, it is needless to invoke Darwin, as evolution’s watchmaker is supposed to be blind and unable to plan ahead.

The filefish would not have benefited from a skill that only worked partially. To escape becoming a meal, it had to be able to vanish quickly the very first time.

This vanishing act is one of the growing number of skills seen in the animal kingdom that baffle evolutionists.

From a creation perspective, we would expect animals to have various kinds of amazing skills.


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