Monday, 11 May 2015

Head Evolution Remains a Big Hurdle for Darwinism

Many animals have a head. However, Darwinian storytelling cannot explain how it evolved from a non-head.

Joel Kontinen

How do you get a head on to an animal with an ancestor that didn’t have one? That is one of the many puzzles evolutionists need to address.

According to the evolutionary story, early organisms did not have a head. The best explanations Darwinists can produce are a few just so stories that apparently lack both head and tail.

A recent study attempts to explain the initial arrival of the head, however. A ScieneNow article states:

A scientist has discovered one of the oldest fossil brains known (more than 500 million years old) and, in the process, may have revealed how arthropod heads first evolved, the University of Cambridge announced today. The study, published in Current Biology, describes how the researcher examined two arthropod ancestors—related to modern-day insects, crustaceans, and spiders—and identified a hard plate, known as the anterior sclerite, connected to their brains. The plate, which isn’t found in modern arthropods but could be fused with parts of the head, has similar characteristics to the heads of other early wormlike arthropod ancestors. As a result, it may mark one of the early transitions from soft-bodied creatures to the hard-bodied arthropods we know today, the researcher says.”

The choice of expressions, such as ‘could be’ and ‘may mark’ might suggest that this has little if anything to do with empirical science and more with assumptions that rely heavily on naturalistic philosophy.

In order to give a head to a creature with headless ancestors, one would need a major influx of genetic information.

As the Darwinian watchmaker is blind and cannot plan future development, this remains a big hurdle for evolution.

There is a much better explanation. It is presented in the Book of Genesis, and it features the Creator God.


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