Thursday, 7 August 2014

Denying Ebola, Denying God and Eternity – Is There a Connection?

Ebola virus. Image courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ Cynthia Goldsmith.

Joel Kontinen

Although Ebola is on a rampage in west Africa, a number of people living in remote villages keep on denying the existence of the virus disease. For them, Ebola is just too frightening to be true.

This is nothing new. Some individuals have a tendency to deny the existence of things that they fear. Charles Darwin, for instance, was afraid that if the Bible was true, some of his unbelieving relatives could well be in a place we know as hell.

His solution was to deny the reliability of the Bible and introduce a competing worldview in which there is no afterlife.

What he missed was the gospel message that gives hope for people suffering from the consequences of Adam’s sin.

Christ, the Last Adam, came to set right the mess brought about by the sin of the first Adam.

Darwin’s latter-day followers have embraced his godless ideology. They don’t want to believe in God or the afterlife, and they don’t want anyone else to believe, either.

But closing one’s eyes does not make things disappear.


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