Monday, 10 February 2014

Bill Nye and the Predictions of the Creation Model

Joel Kontinen

In the recent debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye on creation vs. evolution, Mr. Nye repeatedly insisted that creation does not make any predictions and is thus not scientific.

However, already in his opening statement Ken Ham showed a slide with the headline Predictions Based on the Bible. He listed six predictions that science has confirmed:

1) Intelligence produced life.
2) Living beings reproduce after their kinds.
3) There is overwhelming evidence for a global flood.
4) In contrast to the writings of Charles Darwin, humans form a single race.
5) Language groups are evidence for the Tower of Babel account.
6) There is much evidence for a young universe.

Contrary to what Mr. Nye asserted, creation is not only Ken Ham’s model. His lost in translation argument for the reliability of the Bible likewise misses the mark.

However, overall the debate achieved its purpose. It made people aware that the origins issue is far from settled. The atheist-materialist party does not have a monopoly.