Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Tiny Living Fossil Unchanged for ”250 Million” Years

The latest living fossils looks a bit like its cousin shown here. Image courtesy of Micha L. Rieser, via Wikipedia. (GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2).

Joel Kontinen

If an animal does not change for “250 million” years, evolutionists should take a closer look at the credibility of their ideology.

Especially when they often use evolution as a synonym for change.

Recently, Finnish researchers discovered tiny tadpole shrimps in a freshwater lake in Lapland. The animal, Lepidurus arcticus, weights roughly 0.3 grams and has remained “structurally unchanged” for “250 million” years.

At the time, man’s assumed ancestor was no bigger than a squirrel. And just over a hundred million years (or so) earlier all were still fish (at least according to Richard Dawkins).

It seems that evolutionists decide which species change and which remain unchanged, until researchers find a fossil that shows all previous speculations were wrong.

There is no shortage of living fossils.


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