Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tiny Tarsiers Were Excellent Mariners – If Evolution Is to Be Believed

An ancient ancestor of the Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) perplexes evolutionists. Image courtesy of Jasper Greek Golangco, Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

A tiny fossil recently discovered in China is probably causing some head scratching to evolutionists. The fossil, an assumed ancestor of tarsiers, is thought to be 55 million years old.

Evolutionists believe that primates already lived in Africa 38 million years ago. This is interesting, because they assume that until 16 million years ago Africa was an island.

Primates thus had to sail from Asia to Africa on rafts.

But how on earth could tiny tarsiers no bigger than a human palm cope with a long sea voyage? In addition, at least two animals had to make the trip, otherwise we would not have had primates in Africa but they would have become extinct.

The root of the problem is the belief in millions of years. The problem disappears, if one gives up this dogma.


Wilford, John Noble. 2013. Palm-Size Fossil Resets Primates’ Clock, Scientists Say. The New York Times (5 June).