Thursday, 13 June 2013

Atheists Are Trying to Prove That the Message of Expelled Is True

Ben Stein’s film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed revealed that evolutionists oppress and discriminate against scientists who doubt Darwinian evolution.

Joel Kontinen

A very suspicious stew is brewing in the academic sphere in the USA. It all began when Jerry A. Coyne, a professor at the University of Chicago and a well-known Darwinian blogger, complained about a fellow scientist.

Coyne, who is an outspoken atheist, claimed that Eric Hedin, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Ball State University, favours the view of intelligent design (ID) and presents Christianity in a very positive light. Coyne demanded that the university had to scrutinise Professor Hedin’s teaching, and Ball State promised to look into the matter.

Coyne complained of a course that is actually not about science. In his own lectures he does not shy away from atheism, but like PZ Myers and Richard Dawkins (before he retired), he is quick to promote naturalistic dogma and exclude all other worldviews.

Darwinians have hardly ever tolerated dissenting views.


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