Thursday, 15 November 2012

Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth

Answers magazine presents compelling evidence for a young earth.

Joel Kontinen

Many people assume that the millions and billions of years that we hear about in natural history museums and read about in science text books are scientific facts.

However, there is no shortage of scientific discoveries that suggest a much younger planet.

The latest issue of Answers magazine includes a section on evidence for a young earth. Several PhD scientists present facts that refute the dogma of an old earth.

The magazine lists the ten best evidences for a young earth. They are:

1) Very little sediment on the seafloor
2) Bent rock layers
3) Soft tissue in fossils
4) Faint sun paradox
5) Rapidly decaying magnetic field
6) Helium in radioactive rocks
7) Carbon-14 in fossils, coal, and diamonds
8) Short-lived comets
9) Very little salt in the sea
10) DNA in “ancient” bacteria


10 Best evidences from science that confirm a young earth. Answers 7:4, 44-57.