Monday, 19 November 2012

Evolution: When Magic Became Science

Charles Darwin gave natural selection a function that it does not have. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

In real life nothing comes from nothing and no organisms will adapt to their environment by chance. Typing errors (mutations) do not improve a text and nature cannot really be able to choose from existing mistakes or anticipate future evolution since the watchmaker that Dawkins and co. put their trust in is blind.

In other words, evolution is impossible.

Charles Darwin wanted to give nature a function that in real life only God has ever had.

Thus, when a science writer says that natural selection caused x (for instance a cave crab to lose its eyesight), he (or she) is relying on magical thinking because Darwinists cannot allow a Divine foot in the door).

(Losing a function would not be of much help, because evolution would need immense amounts of new genetic information. This has never been observed.)