Saturday, 17 November 2012

A Fresh Reminder of Eden in the Bird Kingdom in Australia

Joel Kontinen

Birds in Queensland, Australia, can be quite noisy at times, especially in the evenings. However, at least some seabirds are surprisingly tame. In Brisbane, for instance, a big bird can suddenly land on a stretch of street reserved for pedestrians and start walking among humans.

Some seabirds can be very inquisitive. Yesterday, two big birds marched towards our verandah with their pencil-thin legs. For five minutes they kept on staring at us, without moving or giving any indication of fear or aggression. Finally, they calmly walked away.

These birds remind us of the Garden of Eden before the Fall. Adam was not afraid of the animals and the animals were not afraid of Adam. The only things about the non-predatory birds of Queensland that remind us of the Fall are the shrill calls at night. Otherwise one might almost imagine being in Eden – if only the weather were a bit cooler.

However, there are occasional reminders of the Fall, with eagles and other predators.