Sunday, 23 October 2011

Paedophilia and Polygamy Challenge the Traditional View of Marriage

The biblical model of marriage is based on Genesis: an exclusive and permanent union of one man and one woman.

Joel Kontinen

In August 2011 a group of American psychologists held an academic conference aimed at changing current views on paedophilia, making it into an acceptable sexual orientation.

Their organisation, known as B4U-ACT, consisting of psychologists and health care professionals, attempts to get the American Psychological Association (APA) to re-classify paedophilia, so that it would no longer be regarded as a mental disorder.

According to the B4U-ACT’s webpages, one should take a similar approach to paedophilia as to homosexuality, because (as they claim) individuals are unable to change their sexual orientation.

At the same time the American TV series Sister Wives presents polygamy in a positive light.

Accepting homosexuality and re-defining marriage are only one step in the desire some liberals have of destroying marriage as an institution. There is more to come.

When people reject God’s revelation, the consequences are disastrous, going from bad to worse.


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