Sunday, 16 October 2011

Jonathan Sarfati: Evolution is Based on Blind Faith

Joel Kontinen

Jonathan Sarfati, who has a PhD in chemistry, is one of the best-known defenders of the Bible. He works as a CMI scientist, speaker and writer. He has written several bestsellers, including Refuting Evolution 1 and 2, Refuting Compromise and The Greatest Hoax on Earth?

Dr. Sarfati contributes regularly to Creation magazine and the website. He is also featured in several videos.

On a recently released CMI video, Dr. Sarfati, a former New Zealand chess champion, talks about playing chess blindfolded, his books Refuting Evolution and The Greatest Hoax on Earth?, Richard Dawkins and the tactics evolutionists use, such as equivocation, as seen in the use of different meanings of evolution in the same context, and his own research in chemistry.

Dr. Sarfati says that whereas the Bible is based on evidence, the evolution view is based on blind faith. There is no way everything could have formed from nothing or life could have arisen from non-life.