Sunday, 27 April 2008

Evolutionists warn: “Thou Shalt Not Lie”

Last May the opening of this museum prompted evolutionists to give a very theological response.

Joel Kontinen

What caused evolutionists to hire an aeroplane and fly it around a museum having a banner with the words “Thou shalt not lie” flying in the wind?

It was May 2007. Answers in Genesis opened its Creation Museum in Kentucky near Cincinnati (Ohio) Airport. Some Darwinist were furious and tried to disrupt the opening ceremony. They attempted to do so by quoting freely from the Bible.

Evolutionists used a similar strategy when Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, then of AiG, posted a rebuttal to John Rennie’s fierce attack on intelligent design and creationism published in the July 2002 issue of Scientific American. The magazine threatened to sue Answers in Genesis for a purported copyright infringement but eventually dropped the charge.

So why do evolutionists take the trouble to hire an aeroplane with a “Thou shalt not lie” banner? The answer, my friend, might not be flying in the wind.

It is probably for the same reason they tried to suppress Dr. Sarfati’s response to Rennie’s article.

Sarfati says, “Evidently the evolutionists fear the increasing spread of creationist information, despite their best efforts at censorship. So they are desperate to counteract this information. But their efforts don’t withstand scientific scrutiny, and in the end evolution is admitted to be a deduction from a materialistic belief system. It is philosophy/religion dressed up as ‘science’. “


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