Friday, 8 April 2011

Critical Thinking Allowed in the Classroom in Tennessee

Teachers and students will be allowed to take a critical look at Darwin. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Joel Kontinen

With a vote of 70 –23, the Tennessee State Legislature passed an academic freedom bill. Teachers will be able to encourage their students to “understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the course being taught, such as evolution and global warming.

A similar bill was passed in Texas in 2009. The Texas Board of Education also allowed critical thinking in science classes.


Tennessee General Assembly. Bill Summary.
*HB 0368 by *Dunn, White, Hensley, Faison, Lollar, Evans, McCormick, Shipley, Weaver, Eldridge, Rich, Maggart, Carr, Alexander, Floyd, Miller D, Hill, Holt, Butt, Sparks, Powers, Cobb , Roach, Parkinson. (SB 0893 by *Watson.)

Teachers, Principals and School Personnel - As introduced, protects a teacher from discipline for teaching scientific subjects in an objective manner. - Amends TCA Title 49, Chapter 6, Part 10.