Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Power of Unbelief

Joel Kontinen

Unbelief is a major element in the worldview of many people. Although news of the dramatic healing of Delia Knox has spread throughout the world, thanks to the Internet, some atheists still deny that a miracle has taken place.

In evangelical circles, Delia Knox was known as a gospel singer who always sang, sitting in her wheelchair. She performed in several countries and co-hosted a weekly television programme.

Atheists and other skeptics have offered a number of explanations for why the miraculous rising from a wheelchair in late August 2010 could not have been genuine –but none of the explanations is convincing.

It is true that some so-called miracles have not stood up to scrutiny. However, the case of Delia Knox is not one of them.

Mrs. Knox was paralysed for over 22 years after an automobile accident. Her church knew it. The neighbours knew it. The local press knew it.

Now they know that she walks.

On a video shot in November she is seen walking, singing and praising God for four minutes without assistance. Not a single paralytic could have done that, unless, of course, she was really healed.

Now, Delia Knox proclaims that Jesus is the Healer. She also clearly says that God created us in His image.