Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Did Neanderthals Decorate Themselves With Feathers?

Neanderthals probably also made flutes from animal bone.

Joel Kontinen

A few decades ago, evolutionists assumed that Neanderthals were grunting, stooped ape-like men. However, in recent years their views have begun to change.

A new discovery suggests that Neanderthals admired beauty and probably loved decorating themselves.

Recently, Marco Peresani at the University of Ferrara discovered 660 bird bones among the bones of Neanderthals in northern Italy.

According to New Scientist, “Many of the wing bones were cut and scraped where the flight feathers were once attached, suggesting the feathers had been systematically removed.

Peresani believes that Neanderthals used the feathers as decorations.

While the discovery does not provide proof that Neanderthals invented the feathered headdress before American Indians did so, together with other recent discoveries it suggests that they were real people just like us, descendants of Adam and Eve.


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