Saturday, 6 February 2010

ICR: 40 Years of Creation Research

Joel Kontinen

Forty years ago Dr. Henry Morris, then a hydraulics professor at Virginia Tech, established the Institute for Creation Research (ICR). From a humble beginning, ICR has grown into a remarkable apologistic organisation known throughout the world for its creation research and criticism of evolution.

ICR researchers have made some remarkable breakthroughs. Dr. John Baumgardner for instance discovered that both coal and diamonds contain measurable amounts of carbon-14. The half life of C-14 is approximately 5,700 years so diamonds that are assumed to be millions of years old should not contain any radiocarbon.

ICR has also published tens of books and a layman’s magazine called Acts & Facts. Last year it participated in making the documentary The Mysterious Islands. ICR has an educational centre in Dallas, Texas, and for 16 years operated the Museum of Creation and Earth History at Santee, California. The museum is currently run by the Life and Light Foundation.


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The web pages of ICR

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