Friday, 31 July 2009

”Evolution is Driving Women to Become Ever More Beautiful”

Lucy would probably not win any beauty contests today.

Joel Kontinen

Evolution causes women to become more beautiful, claims a fresh study. Men, however, are hardly any more handsome than their supposed cave-dwelling ancestors.

According to Markus Jokela of the University of Helsinki, beautiful women get 16 per cent more children than plain-looking ladies. The majority of their children are girls who grow up to become beautiful women. As this has been going on for many generations, women have become physically much more attractive than men.

In his study, Jokela used data collected in the USA. The lives of 1244 women and 997 men were followed for four decades. The women’s physical attractiveness was assessed from photographs.

Previously, Satoshi Kanazawa noticed that good-looking parents are more likely to get more daughters than sons. He says that this is a strategy that evolution has programmed into human DNA.

According to Kanazawa, beauty is heritable and it is thus no wonder that as generations have followed each other, women have become more beautiful than men.

The recent study does not reveal anything new. Usually, children look like their parents, and the daughters of a pretty woman tend to be pretty. However, this does not have to do with Darwinian evolution.

But since it is Darwin’s 200th anniversary, even this research is interpreted according to the Darwinian model in which storytelling plays a major role.

Beauty is probably a consequence of natural selection that is not the same thing as evolution.

Evolutionists assume that in our ape-like past, the aesthetic differences between males and females were not as pronounced as they are today.

In contrast, the Bible says that in the beginning man was created in the image of God. Living in a perfect world, Adam and Eve were certainly perfect in their beauty.


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