Friday, 25 April 2008

And Birds Are ….

Joel Kontinen

Dinosaurs. At least this is what the American Museum of Natural History declares with letters as high as a pheasant. It is somewhat harder to find any hard evidence for this claim.

Most evolutionists are reluctant to let go of their pet theories. In their view, with the passing of millions and millions of years Tyrannosaurus rex eventually evolved into the finch we see at our bird feeder.

In reality, even many evolutionists find this hypothesis untenable. Turning scales into feathers is a such a feat that poor ol’ natural selection might find it too hard, and mutations mind not be of much use, either.

In 2005 the prestigious journal Nature suggested that at least some ducks, chickens and ratite birds co-existed with dinosaurs. More recently, scientists at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor examined the rate of mutation of different species with the help of the molecular clock and concluded that dinosaurs and modern birds lived at the same time.

It nevertheless seems that old slogans show little evidence of change. At least in secular natural history museums.

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