Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Why Does Freshly Cut Grass Smell So Nice?

Even birds like the colour green.

Joel Kontinen

Life Science has an article on grass. Why does freshly cut grass smell so nice? It does not provide a solution. It only says:

Chemically speaking, that classic lawn smell is an airborne mix of carbon-based compounds called green leaf volatiles, or GLVs. Plants often release these molecules when damaged by insects, infections or mechanical forces — like a lawn mower.

Wait a second! The grass is green as its maker – the God of heaven wants it to be that way. It pleases the birds, and us because we are full of grass being green. And He has wanted us to enjoy the sights.

It is a concept that Darwin cannot imagine.


Grunbaum, Mara. 2019. Why Does Freshly Cut Grass Smell So Nice? Live Science (5 May).