Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bill Nye: Evolution Is Like the Alphabet

Image courtesy of Bill Hrybyk, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Joel Kontinen

Bill Nye, who is fond of being known as the science guy, does not like those who are critical of evolution.

Mr. Nye advocates censoring criticism of evolution. He famously debated Ken Ham last April in an attempt to make his view more popular.

He probably only managed to persuade those who already had bought into the Darwinian model of explaining origins.

Recently, he spoke again of the importance of knowing evolution. He likened it to the alphabet.

Darwin does follow close on the heels of A, B and C. and after the D-word we have something beginning in E.

The problem with Nye’s agenda is that it is entirely worldview based. When it comes to origins, he is not the science guy, but the materialistic guy.


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