Wednesday, 16 July 2014

“Germany’s World Cup Triumph a Victory for Intelligent Design"

Germany’s Mario Götze scored the only goal in the World Cup final. Image courtesy of Danilo Borges/Portal da Copa.

Joel Kontinen

Writing in The Guardian, Barney Ronay suggests that Germany’s success in the World Cup was due to intelligent design:

Victory here was always likely to be presented as a triumph of that frictionless German system, and indeed it makes complete sense that Germany should win the World Cup. This is the most perfectly calibrated, most relentlessly first-world system for producing high-class footballers yet devised, a piece of intelligent design that has now flowered to its logical end point.”

Exactly. One does not win the World Cup by resorting to haphazard Darwinian processes.


Ronay, Barney. 2014. Germany’s World Cup triumph a victory for intelligent design. The Guardian (14 July).