Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Remnants of Noah’s Flood in Kenya? Huge Aquifers in Semi-Desert

The recently discovered huge aquifers in Northern Kenya may hail from Noah’s Flood.

Joel Kontinen

There is no shortage of evidence for Noah’s Flood. For instance, mass fossil graveyards all over the world and huge gaps in mountains in Australia testify of the Flood.

Recently, a new discovery made headlines: Arid Northern Kenya, known for its Born Free books and TV series featuring the lioness Elsa and her cubs, also hosts 250 trillion litres of groundwater below the very hot and dry sands.

For a semi-desert, that is surprisingly much. Authorities do not as yet know if the water is drinkable.

How could the water get to a place where it practically never rains? The most logical explanation is the global flood of Noah’s days.


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