Thursday, 30 May 2013

Atheist Daniel Dennett: Christianity is Like a Virus

Daniel Dennett compared Christianity to a virus. Image courtesy of David Orban,

Joel Kontinen

Some weeks ago, philosopher and cognitive scientist Daniel Dennett was interviewed on the BBC World Service. In a HardTalk programme hosted by Stephen Sackur, Dennett claimed that Christianity was like a virus.

Obviously, that was not a compliment. Few people would be very enthusiastic about viruses.

This is not the first time someone makes such an outlandish claim. Richard Dawkins, for instance, has been saying something very similar for years.

Dennet’s claim probably says more about the worldview (atheism) that produces these opinions.

Christianity has been very successful. In contrast, atheism has not been very successful, as it is an ideology that gives mankind no hope.