Tuesday, 22 January 2013

More Evidences of the Genesis Flood in Australia - Uluru

Joel Kontinen

Uluru or Ayers Rock is one of the main tourist attractions in central Australia. It rises 348 metres higher than the surrounding plateau. As the plateau is over 500 metres above sea level (asl), Uluru rises to 863 metres asl.

Uluru is one of the sacred areas of the Australian aborigines. It is roughly 450 kilometres south west from Alice Springs.

According to the official evolutionary explanation, Uluru was formed over 300 million years ago, when it rose from a huge inland sea.

The explanation is not credible, as Uluru is formed of soft sandstone. It could not have withstood erosio for hundreds of millions of years. Nothing would be left of the soft material for us to marvel at. It would all have eroded away.

The Genesis Flood is a much more credible explanation of the mountain. The floodwaters flattened the area around Uluru, leaving only the mountain and the neighbouring peaks of Kata Tjuta well above the plateau.