Thursday, 27 December 2012

How DId Kangaroos And Other Marsupials Get to Australia After the Flood?

It is not uncommon to see wallabies near small inland towns in Australia.

Joel Kontinen

Place names often reveal a lot about people and their desire to remember where they have come from. Thus, there is a Newcastle, Tottenham as well as other names we often associate with English soccer teams. It seems that Swedish settlers have also wanted to give a name to a town – Dalby – to remind them of where they have come from.

It seems that one of the most interesting names is Ararat in the state of Victoria – a place also mentions in Genesis chapter 8.

Moreover, there are big mountains near Ararat. It would thus not be very difficult for kangaroos and other marsupials to get from Ararat to other parts of Australia.

Of course, marsupials could also have used the land bridges that probably appeared during the ice age following Noah’s Flood. Marsupials could also have sailed on rafts formed from vegetation (This is a hypothesis evolutionists have also suggested in their own scenarios.).